Frequently asked questions

How can I learn more about the programme?

The organiser of each event is responsible for the programme. You can find the organiser’s details on the programme presentation page for each programme.

How can I get my own programme listed?

The official programme of the Children’s Culture Week is produced and implemented by the member organizations of the Association of Finnish Children’s Cultural Centres and their partners. The Association does not produce or purchase content for the Festival. Proposals for cooperation in connection with the programme should be addressed directly to the operators of the children’s culture network.

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Why is Children’s Culture Week celebrated?

The aim of Children’s Culture Week is to raise the profile of children’s and young people’s art, celebrate children’s culture and showcase the activities of people working with children’s culture.

Where is it held?

The events are organised by the members of the Association of Finnish Children’s Cultural Centers and their partners around Finland.

Is it an annual event?

Yes – Children’s Culture Week is celebrated every year. From Monday onwards, the whole week is celebrated. The Children’s Culture Day on 15 May is also always celebrated during that week.

Can anyone take part?

The programme is aimed at children and young people of all ages and their families. The recommended age for each programme is given in the programme description. Anyone can take part in the events of the Children’s Culture Week.

How can I buy tickets for the Festival?

Most of the content of the Festival is free of charge. If there is a charge for a programme, this is indicated in the programme description.

If I have any questions about Children’s Culture Week, who can I ask?

You can send your questions or feedback about the Week to the Association of Finnish Children’s Culture Centres: If you have questions about a specific programme, you can direct them to the Children’s Culture Centre organising the programme or to one of its partners.